The tale of the travelling cupcakes

These cupcakes were baked for my friend Leigh....requested by her boyfriend Scotted Dogg...she send me this account of their travels...

the MOST delish cupcakes EVER! let me continue the story of their journey... first their were 9 that headed back to a student flat in rondebosch - 5 were shared mmmmmm!!! 4 were boxed and ready to head to Durbs... met Janine at the airport (as she flew in from Durban and i headed out of Cape Town) we crossed paths for 20 minutes where we shared a catch up a smoothie and A CUPCAKE!!! 3 then made it to Pinetown and were demolished by mom dad and scotty... DELICIOUS! NUFF SAID :)

* Thank you Lee Lee for sending me the update :)