Marshmallow and chocolate drizzle cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow topping and a combo of white and dark chocolate drizzle, were the perfect parting gift for Kate on her last day of work.  Nothing better than sharing some delicious cupcakes with your colleagues to show them your appreciation.  

New job on Monday...good luck my friend! :)

Teachers Tea Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes with strawberries and chocolate balls and marshmallows - just a bit of all sorts really.  I made these for Meg to take to her staff tea last week.  Some spoils for the hardworking teachers at RGJS in Cape Town :)

Birthday spoils...thanks everyone!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I got absolutely spoiled rotten by family and friends! Clearly they are all fans of My Favourite Cupcake, because there seemed to be a trend with all of my birthday gifts....from beaters, to aprons, to cake decorations to recipe books - if it was cupcake related, I got it!  I am such a spoiled cupcake - loved it though! :)

Thank you for all the support everyone - I am looking forward to using all my new goodies!

Birthday cupcakes for Miss Cupcake

I have to start off by being honest, and admit that as much as I would like to claim the cupcakes above as my own...sadly, I did not bake them!

My friend Lexi (with the help of Chelsy) made me these delicious treats for my birthday...cupcakes for Miss rad!

Thanks Lex - you are great, and cupcakes were divine...I think you should come and work for me - your skills are being wasted in advertising! :)

The Blue Birthday Tray

This beautiful blue tray was a gift from Meg and James for my lovely!  I am so excited to bake some beautiful cakes and deliver them in this awesome tray...these mini cupcakes were what I made for the office on my birthday and were a great excuse to test out my new gift!

Thanks guys... I LOVE IT!!

67 cupcakes for Mandela Day

For Mandela day last weekend, I made 67 cupcakes which we (my sister, Gin and Gav) then attempted to take to the Red Cross Children's Hospital.  Unfortunately for us, they had already been inundated with people odropping off thingss, so instead we took the cakes to the Claremont Night Shelter...something sweet for all those people who went there expecting the usual cup of soup...made their day I'm sure!

It was so awesome to see so many people out and about doing their 67 minutes of good deeds - I hope it is something that catches on and keeps growing!  You can check out what other people got up to for Madiba Day here, coz charity can happen any day.

The best friend's birthday lunch

Last weekend, it was my friend Row's birthday, and so a couple of us went to Jonkershuis in Constantia for birthday lunch.  It was such a beautiful day, and we sat outside in the courtyard enjoying the sunshine with some good food, good wine and great company!  After Jonkershuis we wandered on to Paddlers and then ended up an Oblivion....what a fantastic way to spend a Saturday.

Happy birthday Wenz - hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Berry delicious

It's been a while since I made cupcakes with strawberries and cream, so I thought they would be perfect for my friend Jo's birthday....which was actually last week, but she was in Natal with her family, so she is getting them today when we pop in for a drink at Fat Cactus to celebrate.  

Enjoy my friend - hope you had a fantastic birthday

My best friend is getting married!!!

My best friend Row got engaged last week Wednesday, and so I was VERY excited when she and her fiancĂ© Chris came back to Cape Town so that I could hear the story in person and give them their congratulations cupcakes!

You can see in the picture above the book that Chris proposed with - such a cute and romantic story (Wenz you lucky girl!), as well as the engagement notice from the newspaper in PMB, and then the cupcakes that I made for them to celebrate their happy news.

Congratulation Wenz and Chris....very excited for you both!  Wishing you many happy years in your shared future together! :)

Chocolate and Cream Roses

Chocolate cupcakes with cream roses were the perfect combination for a feminine birthday cupcake request that I got the other day.  I particularly like the silver ribbon around the bottom of the cupcakes...I think it's really girly and pretty

Happy birthday CJ

Roses for Rose...or pretty close to roses anyway!

I made these cupcakes for a lady named Rose - more fondly known as Rose-bud by some - but that is a secret name.  To be honest, it was very difficult to resist the urge to put roses all over them - but somehow I pulled through, and even though they did have flowers, they weren't roses. 

Rose liked what she got, so all was good.

Orange Hearts

Happy Birthday Jill

It's my last one...but you can have it anyway

I am so out of date with all these posts, so there are going to be a couple going up today....just to try and play catch up - sorry to those who were expecting to see their cakes on the blog kind of got away with me for a minute, but now I'm back on track :)

These cupcakes were for Steve on his birthday, with lots of love from his girlfriend Judith....she loves him so much she gave him 12 rolos - and the cupcakes beneath them!

Miss Piggy Wiggy

Introducing Miss Piggy Wiggy - the latest and greatest addition to my kitchen...ta daaaa :-)

Meg gave her to me yesterday....a gift from Maritzburg, where she has been on holiday for two weeks.  Isn't it amazing how a rad gift can instantly rid you of any jealously that you might have had for your sister being on holiday while you were at work...the whole time!

Thanks Janie for my prezzie - love it, and can't wait for the next excuse to bake so that I can try it out!

30 cupcakes for a 30th birthday

These cupcakes are my most favourite ones that I have made yet, partly because they are pretty and girly, but mostly because of the story behind let me share....

I got a message on my Facebook page from a mum, who was looking for cupcakes for her daughters birthday.  I emailed this mum and discovered that she lived all the way over in Oxford and she wanted to order 30 cupcakes, which were to be delivered to her daughters work today for her 30th birthday.

The soon to be birthday girl (her birthday is actually only on Sunday) seemed so happy, and so touched by her mum's surprise - which was awesome!  But the best part of the story was the thank you message that I got from the mum after I sent her a pic of the cupcakes.....made me feel warm and fuzzy...
" Yay!!!!! Thank you Cupcake ANGEL for helping a mom in Oxford spoil her daughter in Cape Town so so beautifully. What a wonderful's like I was "there".xxxxxx "
 The world is full of some fantastically thoughtful people - I love it!!! :)

Happy new home my friends

This weekend my friends Lexi and Caitlin moved into their new lat in Sea Point, so I baked them some cupcakes to celebrate the occasion.  Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing and chocolate marshmallow to top it off....mmmm nothing like some home baked goodies when you have been moving furniture all day!

Beautiful house girls....hope we have many more excused to drink wine and eat cupcakes in it!