A new apron for Miss Cupcake

Christmas has come early for Miss Cupcake! :) :) :)

I am totally in love with this little gift from my bestie...she is so clever!  She made this cute apron pack above (which includes an apron - complete with cupcake print, a wooden spoon and a recipe).  She has been making a whole lot of them for friends and family...all with different patterns, kitchen utensils and recipes.  The best thing about them is hte cute accesry that is attached to the apron...like a little broach...who said you couldn't look glam in the kitchen!

For any of you ladies who are looking for a beautiful and original gift to give to a friend....hit me up with an email...and I will put you in touch. 

Thanks Wenz...you little beaut...I love it!

Two special friends of mine had birthdays recently, so I thought some special treats were in order to celebrate....Cait and Em....I hope you both had wonderful birthdays :)

Lemon and Lace

I know I said just yesterday that it was tradition for my sister to give her class cupcakes at the end of each year, but what is a new tradition, is cupcakes for the Mums!  Meg and the other Grade 6 teacher (Stacey) went out for a Christmas dinner with the Mum's in their classes.....and took them cupcakes!

For the occasion I baked vanilla cupcakes and iced them in pink and yellow white chocolate icing, and finished them off with lace and ribbon trim, with white wafer roses to top them off....so pretty! :)

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Every year, it is tradition that my sister gives Christmas cupcakes to her class....and this year was no different.  I decided to make little Christmas trees this year....apparently all the girls loved them coz not only did they look quite cute, the icing made their tongues go green!  Kids!  So easy to please! :)