Spotty Astro Cupcake Cups

I found these cute new cupcake holders when I was shopping for cupcake decorations the other day, and have been dying for an excuse to use them for something fun!  That excuse came along this weekend, so made some chocolate cupcakes, iced with white chocolate ganache and topped with little astros for some colour.
Happy Birthday other Mum from next door!  I hope that you had a wonderful birthday yesterday - the cupcakes were a day late, but at least they arrived :)
Lots of love

Chocolate Lilac and Lace Wedding Cupcakes

This weekend I baked for wedding....and it was definitely one of my favoutite orders in a while! :) The wedding was for a girl name Stacey - she teaches the other Grade 6 class as my sister's school (so I had to do a good job).

Stacey came to me a little while ago with a request for chocolate wedding cupcakes.  She said that her fiance loved cake, so we had to go through a tasting before we found her the perfect cake.  Eventually she settled for dark chocolate cupcakes coverd with marshmallow and white and dark chocolate drizzle - delicious!

My favourite part about this order though, was the decorations on the cake and cupcakes....the wedding had a lilac, white and black colour scheme, so the cupcakes were made to match.  Each cupcake had beautiful lace and lilac ribbon around it, with a little sparkling glitter detail....I loved they way they looked!

A special little mention must go out to the groom and his Mum for selecting the cute little cake topper....isn't it awesome when the groom gets involved with the cake - other than just to taste it! :)
Stacey and David, I wish you all the best in your life together....may it be filled with good times and great memories!  I hope the cakes tasted as good as they looked!


Rose Chocolate and Ganache Cake

Some of you might remember late last year that I made a very similar cake for a guy in the UAE who wanted to surprise is his girlfriend for her birthday....if you need to jog your memory, you can check that post out here

Anyway, it turns out that the cake was such a hit, that the same family whose daughter received the cake, ordered one almost exactly like it so that they could take it to a function that they were attending...I love reorders like that!  What a great reason to bake such a beautiful cake! :)

Dessert for's about time!


You will remember my friend Dyl, from last week when I posted about the Whoopie Pies...and given that he has been living in the UK for the last couple of years, he has not had the pleasure of sampling My Favourite Cupcake's delicious while he was here, I decided that was something that definitely had to be fixed!

I had a couple of people over for dinner, and dessert was chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate icing, topped with fresh strawberries dipped in milk chocolate....I'll be honest, they were pretty mouth watering! :)

Dyl my friend, it was lovely to have you to stay for a while - I'm glad that I finally got the chance to give you a sample of my "hobby"'ve been such a great supporter from the start, it was only fair you got you own batch!
Come back and visit again soon :)


Let's make Whoopie....Pies that is :)

My friend Dyl (who lives in Cambridge) has come out to visit South Africa for a couple of weeks.  He has always been a really big supporter of My Favourite Cupcake....even if it has been from afar!

So, it was no surprise (well, actually it was a huge surprise), that when he arrived in South Africa, he had brought with him the UK's "biggest baking thing"....Whoopie Pies!  He couldn't bring the actual pies, so instead he brought a little starter kit....the recipie book, fluff that is filler and the baking spoiled I am!

Ready go Miss Cupcake...Whoopie's your new challenge!

Reindeer Cupcakes for Christmas

One of the best things in life is family, and I happen to have a really rad one! :) As you guys all know, my sister got married this year, and it turns out that her "new family" members are pretty rad as well!

This Christmas, Meg and Jamo had us all over for a Pre-Christmas dinner (they are going to Vietnam and Hong Kong over Christmas you they had to get the festivities in early...shame hey!) Everyone got given a part of the meal to prepare - I got dessert - no surprises there! :)

I decided to make chocolate reindeer match the reindeer ears that everyone had to wear during lunch....aren't we so sweet!  Nothing like Christmas time to get all dressed up in ridiculous Christmas cheer!

Dom and Dan

A new apron for Miss Cupcake

Christmas has come early for Miss Cupcake! :) :) :)

I am totally in love with this little gift from my bestie...she is so clever!  She made this cute apron pack above (which includes an apron - complete with cupcake print, a wooden spoon and a recipe).  She has been making a whole lot of them for friends and family...all with different patterns, kitchen utensils and recipes.  The best thing about them is hte cute accesry that is attached to the a little broach...who said you couldn't look glam in the kitchen!

For any of you ladies who are looking for a beautiful and original gift to give to a friend....hit me up with an email...and I will put you in touch. 

Thanks little beaut...I love it!

Two special friends of mine had birthdays recently, so I thought some special treats were in order to celebrate....Cait and Em....I hope you both had wonderful birthdays :)

Lemon and Lace

I know I said just yesterday that it was tradition for my sister to give her class cupcakes at the end of each year, but what is a new tradition, is cupcakes for the Mums!  Meg and the other Grade 6 teacher (Stacey) went out for a Christmas dinner with the Mum's in their classes.....and took them cupcakes!

For the occasion I baked vanilla cupcakes and iced them in pink and yellow white chocolate icing, and finished them off with lace and ribbon trim, with white wafer roses to top them pretty! :)

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Every year, it is tradition that my sister gives Christmas cupcakes to her class....and this year was no different.  I decided to make little Christmas trees this year....apparently all the girls loved them coz not only did they look quite cute, the icing made their tongues go green!  Kids!  So easy to please! :)

Chocoate Ganache Cake with love from the UAE

Who knew that MFC would ever get into online gifting!  I love this story, because it is another one of those stories about a foreigner remembering a local birthday.....I'm such a sucker for romance!  All you foreigners sending cakes from's my favourite part of this job!

Anyway, I digress....back to the real story....
A guy from the UAE mailed me last month (in fact it was almost 2 months ago now....plenty planning went into this cake) asking about cakes that he had seen on my website, he explained that he lived in the UAE and wanted to send a cake to his lady who lives in Durbs.  

I sent him a couple of pics and he was quite sure about what he wanted - cake, tick!  

....But that was not enough for this guy!  His lady was way more special than just a cake!  So, he asked me to arrange some flowers and a special birthday gift as well.  In the end we decided on a pamper parcel - a basket filled with all sorts of delightful things to make her feel pampered and she would know that her guy was thinking of sweet hey! :)

Now I know you are probably wondering what goes into a pamper parcel, so I have included some pics of the basket and the flowers.....but not the actual content of the parcel - some things still get to be personal and private for the couple involved....sorry guys!  I will give you a hint though - think of all things feminine and gorgeous....chocolates and Turkish delight, beautiful creams and soft get the general idea! :)

So, for those of you foreigners who are feeling far from home and would like to do something special for those you love.....Christmas is just around the corner.....and MFC has this online gifting thing whether your request is big or small, cake or no cake....send us an email - we would love to help you out!

White Chocolate Mini Cake

Happy Birthday to my Granny today! :)

I won't get to her today, so I made her this white chocolate mini cake over the weekend to celebrate....vanilla sponge with white chocolate cream icing....mmmmm mmmm melts in your mouth when you eat it....awesome!
Love you Gran, hope you have a super birthday

Caramel Cupcakes

Carmel cupcakes were the order of the day for delicious do they look!  I could barely contain myself when I was icing them yesterday....they smell divine, and those little caramel treats on top just make them irresistible!
Happy Birthday to Kev....hope you enjoyed them dude! :)

Blueberry and Nut Cake

One of my favourite reasons for being in this business is so that I can help people who are far away connect with those people in SA that are close to them on their special days!  This particular cake was a good example of one of these stories...

A couple of weeks ago, a girl by the name of Nervanya got hold of me to order a cake for her mum's birthday.....Nevanya does not live in SA, but her Mum does.  We got into the planning of the cake...what it should look like, how it should taste etc....and then she got her sister Verusha involved and between the three of us we decided on a vanilla sponge with white chocolate icing topped with blueberries and nuts....decedent and delish! 

I delivered the cake today to a very surprised "squirrel" at the school that she works at - she was so touched by the lovely gesture that her daughters had made.....they sent through a beautiful message which I wrote out in a card.....the whole thing just made my day! Nothing quite like getting a surprise from your family on your birthday....especially when that surprise is a cake that you can enjoy with the whole office!
Happy Birthday Mala, I hope you were as delighted by the cake as your daughters were by sending it to you! :)

Black and White Chocolate Cupcakes

My parents have been married for 30 years today....that is longer than I have been alive!  I think it is many people can say that these days - it is a true inspiration!

We went away as a family this last weekend to a game farm near Phinda....such a beautiful weekend away in the bush with our was awesome! :) I made these chocolate cupcakes to celebrate their anniversary, and we made a special family dinner - loved it!

Happy anniversary Mum and Dad - I love you guys

Lucky Ladybug Cupcakes

My friend and flatmate Haylea (who some of you may remember from SA Idols) is singing in a musical production called Just Muzicals. The show starts tonight and will be running for the next two weekends at the Rhumbelow Theatre...she has one of the leading singing roles...fancy pants isn't she! :)

She has been working so hard for the past few months, going to countless auditions late into the night, all the while finishing up with her varsity dedication...its actually been really impressive and I am very proud of her!

Last night I got to thinking that it would be nice to make her some special cupcakes to wish her luck for the show, so I baked her these cute lucky ladybug cupcakes....just to let her know that I am thinking of her....

Halsie my friend, good luck with the show – I know you are going to be awesome!  
I am so looking forward to seeing all your hard work in real life! :)
Break a Leg!

For anybody out there who would like to go and check out the show, you can read more about it on the Company Of Theatre Arts website, or you can check out what IOL had to say about it....alternatively, you can go straight through to Computicket and purchase your tickets for the show there.  
Venue: Rhumbelow Theatre, Cunningham Rd, Umbilo Supper Theatre (bring your own picnic, CASH BAR for drinks)

R100 per person

Friday 4th November 2011 (6.30pm for 8pm start)
Saturday 5th November 2011 (6.30pm for 8pm start)
Sunday 6th November 2011 (5pm for 6.30pm start)
Friday 11th November 2011 (6.30pm for 8pm start)
Saturday 12th November 2011 (6.30pm for 8pm start)
Sunday 13th November 2011 (5pm for 6.30pm start)

Mardis Gras Cake

Novelty cakes are always such fun to make, but they usually take quite long to decorate, so they are a real labour of love! This Mardis Gras themed cake was no the end it turned out quite well though...the "kitsch" mix of purple, green and yellow (which are so typical of Mardis Gras) looked very festive when combined with the hand made gold mask.

There is a bit of an embarrassing story behind the mask though...after I made it, I was a little too hasty to lift it to my face to see how it would look...the super glue had not quite finished drying...and the mask took off part of my eyebrow when I removed it! Ha ha. What a cost! Lucky for me,eyebrows grow back quite quickly...or so my horrified beautician was quick to promise me! :)

Red Velvet Candy Cane Cupcakes

Last Saturday night, I went to a Halloween party for one of my best friend's fate would have it, she was born on Halloween, so Halloween parties are kind of her thing....this year it was a Zombie Apolocoypse.  I went as a zombie nurse...obviously...what Halloween party would be compete without one!

In years gone by I might have been inclined to make Halloween themed cupcakes....giant spiders or the like, but this year I decided that the "treat" side of "trick or treat might be a little more appropriate for my friend....while she makes an amazing "prom zombie"....I think in real life is is a lot more prom queen and a lot less I made her these....

They are red velvet candy cane cupcakes (coz red velvet is her favourite kind of cupcake)...and then had them delivered to her office this morning so they would be fresh for her day at work....coz no birthday is ok without cupcakes at work...even when I don't live in Cape Town anymore!
Happy Birthday my precious friend! 
Thank you for a fantastic party on Saturday...loved it!  I hope that you are absolutely spoiled today and appreciated every second of this day for the amazing person that you are :)
Lots of love to you

Milo and Condensed Milk Cupcakes

I've just got back from a fantastic weekend in Leisure Bay.....I went down with some friends to celebrate our friend Craig's birthday.  It was a stunning weekend of sun and sea, good food, good wine, good know, the usual! :)

Anyway, we all stayed together at Craig's beach cottage, so I took these Milo and condensed milk cupcakes with me for everyone to enjoy.....and boy did they get enjoyed!  Those 24 cupcakes did not stand a chance with the boys who were there....they smashed them in their faces so fast it was like they were never even there! 

This was the first time that I have made these cupcakes - this is a new recipe that I was trying out....looks like it is a bit of a banker....especially for people like Craig who have a really sweet tooth!
Happy Birthday my friend - thank you for a rad weekend!  I hope the rest of your year is as good as the weekend was....coz then it is destined to be great! :)

Happy Birthday to my Mum

Happy Birthday Beazle! 
I hope you have the a wonderful day today....looking forward to dinner in PMB tonight!  Love you lots Mum