Head Chefs

I found these awesome little creatures on the weekend when I was wondering around the Cape Quarter....how cool!!!  They are called Head Chefs, and basically they are baking utensils, made out of silicone, that look like little men.  Best thing is that you can move their arms and legs around, and stick them to the counter.

They were created for children....on the packing it says "Cool tools for kids!"....but who cares - all be it that I am not a child, I still think they are rad!!  So rad in fact, that I am now the proud owner of the orange Icing Spreader....can't wait to add the rest of them to my collection!

Ice Cream Delights

It seems that this past weekend was a good weekend for little girls to have their birthday parties - these cupcakes were also baked for a little girls party...which also happened this past weekend.  The birthday girl loves everything ice cream, so the ice cream cones on top of the cupcakes were really cute and girly for the Princess Jasmine theme party at Kirstenosch on Saturday!

Barbie Girl

Barbie is a really important person in the life of 5 year old girls, so these pink Barbie cupcakes were an absolute hit at a birthday party that I baked for on the weekend!  The biggest concern that the little girls at the party had, was that they "didn't want to eat Barbie", so they all ate the cupcake and then quietly stored their newly acquired Barbie treasure so that it could go home with them later

Brazil vs Italy

This past weekend, there were some very exciting football games happening - Ivory Coast played Brazil, and Italy played New Zealand....the results were not quite what we hope, but we had a good time watching the games anyway! :-)

* Thank you to James for the awesome photos (yet again) of the cupcakes 

Ribbon and Pearls

Pretty cupcakes for a pretty, girly cupcakes for a gorgeous girl :)
I made these for my friend Janey's birthday the other day.
Happy birthday friend

Sometimes it's nice to have a healthy option

After some nagging from my friend Thorks, I finally got around to baking the bran muffins that I have been promising him for weeks! They are not quite my thing, I'm more of a cupcake girl myself....I hope you enjoyed them dude :-)

Chelsea FC made an appearance for Dyl's birthday....but not in their colours

I feel like the World Cup is a good excuse to stick with the soccer theme....so for Dyl's Birthday I made chocolate cupcakes with little soccer men on top of them.  To be fair, I probably should have made them in the blue and white colours of Chelsea FC...Dyl's favourite club (his religion really), but ribbon availability dictated otherwise, so I had to settle with what I had at the time.

My favourite thing about these cupcakes are the faces of the peg men....each one complete with an original hairstyle...love their vibe!  But even better than the cupcakes, is the sneaky World Cup ticket to the Portugal vs Korea DPR game...on the right of the photo....I'm going to watch with Dyl and Franny next week Monday - CANNOT WAIT!!

Happy Birthday for the 16th my friend :-)

White Chocolate hearts

Happy birthday to the most awesome younger sister that anyone could ask for! It was her birthday last weekend, and I made these cupcakes as a gift for her...I thought that something a little bit girly and pretty, but still really yummy would be the most appropriate...hopefully I was right :-)

Thank you Janie, for the fantastic party last weekend, and hope you enjoyed that cupcakes!

I love you lots

World Cup at the Office

I watched the opening game of the Soccer World Cup at my offices and I made these soccer themed cupcakes for the occasion...just to lend a bit of colour and fun to the snacks. The party had a Mexico vs South Africa theme - complete with springboks and tequila...pretty sick! :)

It was such a rad vibe - the office was all kitted out with SA flags everywhere - we even had a huge SA couch in front of the TV. Everyone was dressed in their jerseys and face paint and wigs...mad support was coming from the Ogilvy crew..love it!

World Cup Opening Ceremony Love

I made these for a dinner that I went to on day of the opening game of the World Cup...GO BAFANA!!!

I'm so excited that the World Cup is finally here - the vibe is amazing and I'm so proud of South Africa for a rocking opening ceremony!

Bar One Birthday

These cupcakes were also for a birthday...made on the same day as the ones below with the smiley faces....they are all Bar One flavored....mmmmm  delicious! :-)

It was the first time for Bar One icing - but after a lot of feedback I can say this...
If you like things that are rich and creamy, then these cupcakes are for you!

Happy Faces

Nothing better than a smiley cupcake on your birthday (even if the message on the blog got to him late - the cupcakes were on time!)

Happy Birthday Steamy

Sometimes just because, is good enough

You know how sometimes you feel like doing something nice for a friend, just because you can? Well yesterday was one of those days for me, and I baked this coffee cupcake for a friend just because I could, just because she great - and I felt like she needed reminding of how much I appreciate her.

Madame Z was awesome - thanks my friend, you rock!

Showgirl Chic

Last Friday I was asked to make some cupcakes for a Client that was coming in for their first meeting at our agency - this particular Client is in the casino business, and so the cakes needed to be fit for a showgirl...

Pink and red, feathers, glitter and ribbon seemed like the only option to go with when trying to create a girly vibe that was a little bit sexy...I feel like even a Vegas showgirl would have been proud of the little vibe these cupcakes had going on! 

Soccer Fever

With the World Cup starting on Friday....soccer fever is definitely here to stay! I made these cakes for a four year old boy's birthday play ring at school.

Bright colours seemed like they were par for the course...being for small children, but my favourite thing about these cakes were the soccer ball shaped whistles on top. I bet that by the end of the day, the kids were loving their new toys, and the teacher was hating them...you win some you lose some I guess!

Smartest person I know...when it comes to the plants and the animals

I'm so proud of my friend Gwyn who graduated with her Masters in Conservation Biology yesterday....she is now officially one of the cleverest people that I know! :)

I baked her these cute little graduation cupcakes to celebrate her achievement - they are just normal vanilla cupcakes topped with peppermint icing and little graduation hats (made out of a rolo and a peppermint crisp). Pretty rad.

Congrats Gin - you are a rock star my friend!

Happy Birthday Rodi

The first of June was my friend Kerry's birthday, and she asked me to make some cupcakes for her office. Seeing as thought she needed me to make three batches, I figured it would be a good time to bust out a new recipe....first time for coffee cupcakes....dhum, dhum, dhuuummm....

The result was three batches of cupcakes - one chocolate, one vanilla, and one coffee - all house in black and white polka dot holders and covered in purple sparky bits. It's been two days since these cakes wen't out into the world, and reviews so far have only been positive, so it seems like I might be on to a winning recipe. Great!

Happy Birthday Rodi - hope you had a fantastic day my friend :)

How cool is my Dad!

My Dad was in the UK recently for a book fair, and when he came back, he brought me all of the stuff in the pic that you can see above....how cool! :)

You can imagine my excitement when I started unpacking one thing, after the next, after the next....SO RAD!!! Cannot wait to get going on the recipies in the book - which gets two thumbs up from Nigella and Jude Law...YES!!

Thank you Farmer!!

Dad's Birthday

I made these cupcakes for my Dad on his birthday - nothing much to say really but:

Happy Birthday Farms

Mothers Day

It's not often that my sister and I get to be in the same place as our Mum when Mother's Day comes around - and this year was no different. So instead of making Mum come for Mother's Day, Meg and I decided to make Mother's come to us...and we moved it a different weekend...when we were both home.

That meant that not only did my Mum get the spoils of having both her girls home for the weekend - she also got cakes...beautiful vanilla and white chocolate ones with pink roses on top...what more could a Mum ask for?

Love you Beaze

Farewell Flowers

We had another farewell at my office the other day. This time it was for a girl who worked on a a team full of all boys. Instead of giving her just flowers, they asked me to make her some cakes and put the flowers on top...for a bunch of all boys, they did quite well I think...cake and flowers - not a bad send off at all!

Wedding Bells

I was SUPER excited the other day to get a call from a lady who asked me to make the cupcakes for her daughters wedding! YAY...first wedding for My Favourite Cupcake!!!

It was a small wedding that happened in Paarl - only 60 people attended - so it was quite a nice size for a first time wedding baker. The cake looked beautiful...even if I do say so myself...white roses and white icing with a little bit of a yellow trim looked really stylish and romantic. I didn't get to see the actual bride herself - but I have been promised photos, so when I get them...I will put them up for you all to see (the pic above only shows the top layer)

So those of you who are going to be tying the knot in the near future...it's official MFC now does weddings...so keep me in mind! :)

Baker Shakers Birthday Cakes

It seems that after allowing one friend to review her cupcakes - others are starting to follow suit...

Ok so this is what you say on your blog babe:

Baker is such a cool chick. I love her so that I made her these very special cupcakes for her birthday.

Did I mention baker was a cool chick? Everyone in the office wanted a cupcake but only the selected few managed to get a taste of the greatest cakes in the world! Caramel - YUM!

Baker is my idol. We went out for a delicious lunch to celebrate the day she was born, I am so grateful for that day in 1985.

Baker I love you.

See easy as pie, now just copy and paste the above

So the post is not quite a review of the cakes (as was planned) - but it made me smile, so it can stay...love you Bakes x