About Me

Baking cupcakes was not something that I used to do very often - in fact, it was not something that I used to do at all! Friends who know me, will know that I don't have much of a sweet tooth...but I have lots of friends who do...and they all keep giving me excuses to bake for them... birthdays, Christmas, new jobs, old jobs, baby showers....any excuse will do really! :-)

This blog is a space to keep track of the stories that go with all the cupcakes I bake. It's a place for friends to come and remember good times that we've shared...and hopefully a space where a favourite cupcake will eventually be found for a baker who doesn't have any sweet teeth :-)

Oh, and before I go....
I wrote the above when I started my blog (nearly a year ago now), and while it is still absolutely true, I feel that I should add that I have recently finished a Patisserie Chefs course at Capsicum Culinary Studio...I will be fully qualified in March when my papers come through...so it is fair to say that the road to finding this bakers favourite cupcakes is being very firmly paved *blushes at how proud she is of herself*