Smiles for my friend

There is nothing worse than having to go to work when you are not having a good week!  A friend of mine,  is having one of those such weeks - one where things are just not going the way that they should be.

To be honest there is not alot that she or I, or any of our mates can do to make the situation any better.  As with all kuk situations, nothing can be said or done....time just has to run it's course.

I figured though, that while we wait for time to do its magic - cupcakes are never a bad thing when you are having a bad day, so made this little smiley face for her and left it on her desk for when she got to go to work....hope it made her smile.

Arrggghhh....happy birthday me matey!

For my birthday this year I decided to have a pirate themed dinner at a restaurant called Panama Jack's which is in the harbor in CT...but of a dingy looking place, so completely appropriate for the theme!

Everyone made such an effort with their costumes...the least I could do was make cakes to match!  Loved the party - I have the most fantastic friends and family in the world...thnks guys!

Trick or Treat Halloween Cupcakes

These were the first of Halloween cupcakes for this year. They were ordered by MFC's favourite fan Clare in Oxford.  She ordered them for her niece who goes to school at St Cyprians here in Cape Town - what an awesome start to the weekend to have cupcakes delivered to your school!

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! :)

Their Love Is Here to Stay

Last Saturday I had the privilege of attending a pre-wedding breakfast at The Vineyard Hotel for my friends Jared and Hannah.  They are getting married in the UK in December, and as most of their South African friends will not be able to be there for the ceremony, they had a pre-wedding breakfast here in Cape Town.

Beautiful venue, beautiful table settings - really lovely words from the special people in their lives - all in all, a fantastic champagne filled morning!  After such an awesome pre-wedding celebration, I can only imagine what the real deal will be like....wishing you guys all the best with that can be sure that I will be wearing my white wrist band and thinking of you on that magic day!


Happy Birthday almost ex-pat

Happy Birthday Jarrie - I hope that SA flags serve as a reminder about where you need to end up eventually...we're gonna miss you when you go friend!

Pink berrry delights

My Mum's birthday was on the 21st of October, and unfortunately Meg and I couldn't be around to celebrate with her on the day, so we had a birthday lunch the weekend before.  Coupled with the birthday lunch, we also celebrated Bryan and Lauren (our cousins) completing the Amashova....fresh strawberry cupcakes were definitely the order of the day! :)

It's a summer kind of cupcake

There is no better place to be on a sunny weekend in Cape Town than somewhere in Camps Bay!  A chilled braai with mates in the sun, with some wine....and a cupcake (of course)!  What a rad weekend!  Thanks Caitlin for the delicious steak...the best ever...bring on summer and braais all the time!

Shaperon...every lady should have one!

It's a little bit cringey that I am putting this pic up of myself...but I can't resist!  I wore the above outfit to a dress-up party at Shu Lounge a little while ago, the theme was "What I want to be when I grow up"...obviously I am a chef....cheesy, but true.  

Anyway, that's not what was exciting about the pic....what is exciting is the awesome apron that I am wearing.  How cute!  It looks like a cute little dress, but actually it is an even folds up into a cute handbag.  They are officially known as Shaperon... because of the great shape they give you...cute hey!

if you wanna see the other options you can check them out here....for R170 it's a great gift for ladies who spend alot of time in the kitchen!  With Christmas on the cards is an idea worth banking!.

Bright Birthday Cupcakes for Lee's Bday

Happy birthday to Lee-Ann :)

Meg and James' Engagement Cupcakes

My little sister is engaged!  YAY!  After such fantastic new it is revolting that I am so late in putting this post up....she has been engaged for almost a month now...but better late than never!  

I baked these cakes for the impromptu engagement lunch that we had at home in PMB, my family, Jamo's family - beautiful day, lots of champagne...awesome!

Congratulations Jameson and Meg...wishing you many happy years together and lots of fantastic excuses for me to make you more cupcakes :)

Love you both lots

30th chocolate mousse cupcakes

I made these chocolate cupcakes for the a 30th birthday the other day.  They are iced with chocolate mousse and the then the thirties on top are made out of plain chocolate...lucky it was a cold day otherwise these babies would have melted and caused a real mess....delicious mess, but a mess none the less!  Sometimes cold rainy Cape Town winters have a good purpose.

Cupcake love from Oxford

You know you are doing something right when you get postcards from overseas!  I was delighted to receive the gorgeous postcard above from Clare in Oxford...after my own Mum...she is definitely My Favourite Cupcake's Biggest Fan!

Thanks Clare for this is proudly stuck up on my pin board at it! :)

Nothing says thank you quite like a chocolate cupcake!

How rad would it be if you rocked up at work and you found one of the above cupcakes on your desk....that is what happened to some lucky people at Maersk the other day...lucky bums!  Chocolate ganache goodness....mmmm delish....bosses take note - cupcakes for employees are a must if you want to be in the good books!

Marshmallow cupcakes for the fam

My family are the ultimate fans of marshmallows and white chocolate - so they were really easy to please when I was home over a long weekend a little while ago....vanilla cupcakes with marshmallow and white chocolate drizzle....SOLD!

Rustenburg Read-a-thon Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

Nothing inspires kids to get reading like the promise of a chocolate cupcake!  I made these cupcakes as the prize for the top two classes in the Rustenburg Read-a-thon....I was pleasantly surprised when my sister's class won the prize...go Miss O and your grade 5's! :)