Bride and Groom Cupcakes

Last night my friends Leigh and Scott got engaged - I have known them both since varsity days (when they started dating)...such AWESOME news!  Very stoked for them! :)

This morning (when I popped around to hear all about the proposal story...moonlit sea view, little bench on balcony, flowers, balloons scattered everywhere....just so that you are all getting the romantic vibe here) I took theme these little bride and groom cupcakes.

Congratulations Lee Lee and Scotted Dogg!  I am so stoked you guys and wish you all the happiness in the world in your years ahead together

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

I got a last minute order this week for these Hello Kitty Cupcakes this week - they are for a little girl named Kendall, it is her birthday this weekend.  

I had such fun making them, mostly because I had some assistant chef's in the kitchen with me last night....thanks for all your help with the whisker making and bow shaping - Lu, Hales, Barker and Mike you are the best hello kitty face makers I have ever met! :)

(Apologies about the poor quality of the photos - I didn't have my camera with me...thank goodness for Blackberry!)

Sharks Cupcakes

We are black, we are white, we are, we are....dynamite!

My Mum made these RAD little Sharks cupcakes for a friend of hers' birthday today....HOW COOL ARE THEY!  Clearly I get my baking skills (and creativity) from appears I also get my Sharks fever from her as well!  Love the cupcakes Beazle - they are your best ones yet!

We may have lost last weekend, but watch this space...we will be back on top of the log soon enough!  And when we are, please feel free to place your orders for cupcakes just like these be shared with non-Shark fans specifically - just to give them a taste of victory! :)

Naidoo Wedding

Congratulations to the happy couple who got married at the DLI Hall this can tell by the pics that there were huge celebrations had at this wedding....400 people....that's insane! :)

Happy BIrthday Happiness

Today my domestic worker Happiness turned 22, so as part of her birthday present Meg and I gave her this chocolate cake.  She was so stoked - it is the first birthday cake that she has ever been given...makes my heart warm just to think about it...amazing what a difference something as little as a cake can make!

Happy Birthday Happiness

Chocolate Chuckle Cake

Chocolate cake + chuckles (the Woolies kind) = heaven.
Nuff said.

Basic Vanilla Sponge

There is something about a simple vanilla sponge cake that just goes so well with an afternoon cup of tea!  I baked this cake on the weekend, I was home for a visit, so I thought it would be nice to spoil the family with some sweet treats....Mum and Gran were stoked!

Fluffy and light with just the right amount of sweetness in the icing...delish!  Personally I think the best part was the piping design with the glitter and little pearl details...but that's just me :)

Hanna Montana Guitar Cake

Hanna Montana is all the rage with young girls at the moment....if you didn't know this by now...."like where have you been mom!  Obviously that is the theme I want for my birthday party!"

And so with that comment in mind, a very "hip" lady contacted me to make a birthday cake for a little girl's birthday party this weekend.  Pink, purple and shinny guitar was the brief - I think it was met - there was more glitter and sparkles on this cake than you would find a jewelry store!

I got this email from "hip lady" today, just to say thanks for the cake.  (Thanks for the email Katey - I love hearing back from happy Clients!)
Hi Niki 
After having a piece or two my hubby confidently handed out some of your cards. 
Thank you for the lovely cake, not only was the cake decorated beautifully, the cake was moist and soft. 
Will be sure to call again.   
Thank you.  
So it sounds like it went down a treat....all you other mom's out there - you have been warned Hana Montana "is like so in right now" and Miss Cupcake can give you exactly what you need, so pencil me in for your kids parties!

Blueberry and Lemon Drizzle Cake

Tea and cake was the reason behind this blueberry delight.  My cousin (Barker) and his friend (Ricky Bobby) came over for a visit, so I thought I would make a cake for tea.

To my mind, tea and cake were a bit of an unconventional choice for two male, rugby-playing wrong I was....that cake didn't stand a chance!  Ha ha.  What started off as a begrudging "just one slice please" (as though they were doing me a favour) ended with them eating THE WHOLE CAKE in one sitting!

Inbox me if you guys want the recipe....this one is a keeper!

I've been a bad girl...I'm sorry!

Image compliments of We Heart It

At the beginning of the year, I promised that I would be better about keeping the blog up-to-date.....and let's be honest, I haven't really been so good about that have I?  Sorry guys!!!  The truth is, I started my new job in Durbs (loving it - thank you for asking) and I have been a bit distracted to say the least!

Good news though, I have new a laptop (which I love....if you aren't on a Mac, upgrade - it's awesome) and I've sorted out my Internet connection, so now I'm all settled, and after a cupcake catch-up (which I will do now now), I will be back on track with all the stories from Feb....just coz I've been quiet doesn't mean I haven't been busy!  Thanks for the patience guys! :)

Wishing you love and good cupcakes