30 cupcakes for a 30th birthday

These cupcakes are my most favourite ones that I have made yet, partly because they are pretty and girly, but mostly because of the story behind them....so let me share....

I got a message on my Facebook page from a mum, who was looking for cupcakes for her daughters birthday.  I emailed this mum and discovered that she lived all the way over in Oxford and she wanted to order 30 cupcakes, which were to be delivered to her daughters work today for her 30th birthday.

The soon to be birthday girl (her birthday is actually only on Sunday) seemed so happy, and so touched by her mum's surprise - which was awesome!  But the best part of the story was the thank you message that I got from the mum after I sent her a pic of the cupcakes.....made me feel warm and fuzzy...
" Yay!!!!! Thank you Cupcake ANGEL for helping a mom in Oxford spoil her daughter in Cape Town so so beautifully. What a wonderful experience...it's like I was "there".xxxxxx "
 The world is full of some fantastically thoughtful people - I love it!!! :)

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