Shaperon...every lady should have one!

It's a little bit cringey that I am putting this pic up of myself...but I can't resist!  I wore the above outfit to a dress-up party at Shu Lounge a little while ago, the theme was "What I want to be when I grow up"...obviously I am a chef....cheesy, but true.  

Anyway, that's not what was exciting about the pic....what is exciting is the awesome apron that I am wearing.  How cute!  It looks like a cute little dress, but actually it is an even folds up into a cute handbag.  They are officially known as Shaperon... because of the great shape they give you...cute hey!

if you wanna see the other options you can check them out here....for R170 it's a great gift for ladies who spend alot of time in the kitchen!  With Christmas on the cards is an idea worth banking!.

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