Baker Shakers Birthday Cakes

It seems that after allowing one friend to review her cupcakes - others are starting to follow suit...

Ok so this is what you say on your blog babe:

Baker is such a cool chick. I love her so that I made her these very special cupcakes for her birthday.

Did I mention baker was a cool chick? Everyone in the office wanted a cupcake but only the selected few managed to get a taste of the greatest cakes in the world! Caramel - YUM!

Baker is my idol. We went out for a delicious lunch to celebrate the day she was born, I am so grateful for that day in 1985.

Baker I love you.

See easy as pie, now just copy and paste the above

So the post is not quite a review of the cakes (as was planned) - but it made me smile, so it can you Bakes x

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  1. aaahhh miss cupcake!!! cant believe you copy and pasted that! haha. brilliant! so honoured I made it onto your blog! thanks for amazing cup cakkies!