My Fairy Cake Mother Strikes Again!

Oh my gosh!  How spoiled am I!  When I got to work this morning, I found this beautiful cupcake stand waiting for me....just chilling there on my desk waiting to put a smile on my face! :)

It was sent to me by Clare - she is MFC's favourite fan and sent it to me from Oxford in the UK.  After having a good look at it, I found that it is made by a company called Talking Tables - they make all sorts of beautiful table accessories, from name cards to cake stands to cupcake holders...if it's cute and can be put on a table - you will find it on their website.  I had a quick browse through their site just a little bit ago and all their stuff is really awesome!  To have a look at the site, or to order your own cake stand, click here.

Clare - once again, thank you so much for the spoils!  This surprise has absolutely made my day!  I am one very stoked cupcake! xx

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  1. Such a pleasure! I saw it in an entire window display of Cupcake Madness and, although "multi-themed", looked so OTT and gorgeous, I had to buy it. I knew it would find a happy home with you...
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy...

    And,um....too early to think about Christmas themes? Think that overworked daughter of mine (who shall remain anonymous), needs a delivery to thank her team. Please advise on dates and numbers...this is a secret.xx