Hanna Montana Guitar Cake

Hanna Montana is all the rage with young girls at the moment....if you didn't know this by now...."like where have you been mom!  Obviously that is the theme I want for my birthday party!"

And so with that comment in mind, a very "hip" lady contacted me to make a birthday cake for a little girl's birthday party this weekend.  Pink, purple and shinny guitar was the brief - I think it was met - there was more glitter and sparkles on this cake than you would find a jewelry store!

I got this email from "hip lady" today, just to say thanks for the cake.  (Thanks for the email Katey - I love hearing back from happy Clients!)
Hi Niki 
After having a piece or two my hubby confidently handed out some of your cards. 
Thank you for the lovely cake, not only was the cake decorated beautifully, the cake was moist and soft. 
Will be sure to call again.   
Thank you.  
So it sounds like it went down a treat....all you other mom's out there - you have been warned Hana Montana "is like so in right now" and Miss Cupcake can give you exactly what you need, so pencil me in for your kids parties!

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