Cookie Monster Cupcakes

I believe that good ideas should always be given credit....and I have to give the credit for this good idea to my friend Bob...

Bob lives in Cape Town, and he visited Durbs this weekend to go to a wedding (a varsity mate of his got hitched in Port Edward), so those of us living in Durban got to see him for a quick visit.

Although Bob and I have been friends for some years now, in conversation last week, it transpired that he has never had the pleasure of tasting one of my cupcakes - I couldn't believe it!  So this weekend was a perfect opportunity to right that I invited him to choose his favourite cupcake so that I could make it.

What did he choose you ask....(well I guess that is a bit obvious because the pic is at the top)...Cookie Monster cupcakes!  Initially I was horrified at the idea of icing heavy vanilla bright blue, but I think they turned out ok actually.  In fact, I got a lot of satisfaction out of making these little guys - I think it may be because they have eyes, and so they feel a little bit like they have personalities - they feel like more like little creatures and less like baked goods.

Bob - thank you for the idea, it was a pleasure having you to visit - next time you come to Durbs please make sure you bring another great idea....coz these Cookie Monsters are definitely going to take Durban by this space! :)

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