Taking Bets with Boys

This is what award winning cheese cake looks like

Taking bets with boys - this is what I have learned:
  1. If you threaten them with a challenge, even when they know they are going to lose, and they still always take the bet
  2. When they realise that they are going to lose, they bail before it has to be proven to them in person
  3. They will do almost anything for baked goods!
Last week I took two bets with a guy....after he lost the first bet (to do with beer and awards and boy stuff), he was silly enough to suggest that instead of him actually conceding defeat, we would instead have a bake off....little did he know that I was actually a chef! 

Suffice to say I won the bet by making the cheese cakes in the pic above....no surprises there seeing as though he bailed on baking anything and opted out of the bake off before it began!  What was my prize you ask....roast chicken dinner cooked for me in person by said guy....it was delicious....well worth the 45 minutes it took me to make the cheese cakes! 

Bets with boys....I will take one any day! :)

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