Dessert for's about time!


You will remember my friend Dyl, from last week when I posted about the Whoopie Pies...and given that he has been living in the UK for the last couple of years, he has not had the pleasure of sampling My Favourite Cupcake's delicious while he was here, I decided that was something that definitely had to be fixed!

I had a couple of people over for dinner, and dessert was chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate icing, topped with fresh strawberries dipped in milk chocolate....I'll be honest, they were pretty mouth watering! :)

Dyl my friend, it was lovely to have you to stay for a while - I'm glad that I finally got the chance to give you a sample of my "hobby"'ve been such a great supporter from the start, it was only fair you got you own batch!
Come back and visit again soon :)


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