80's party cakes

Franny's birthday party at Kink has been my favourite birthday party this year...and I felt like my Pac man and cassette tape cupcakes were perfect for the 80s theme, but lets be honest - I'm totally biased coz I baked them!

I hate a bit of a dress-up party, so I took to the 80s with enthusiasm and absolute dedication to finding the right outfit! In the end, I was a vision in purple, with the essential matching headband, armband and purple shoelaces. Love it!

The birthday girl was wearing a saucy blue and black leopard print mini-dress…with pink accessories. (Just so you can identify her in the pics)

With everyone dressed to the nines, and plenty of tequila floating about, it would have been really difficult not to have an awesome party! It was a great night out...I love birthday parties, and am totally looking forward to the next excuse to go out dressed up as somebody else and party the night away...the cupcakes were a side show to the party, but I'm definitely not complaining!


  1. Chica in da blue looks so kewl!!!!!
    Her outfit kicks booty!!!!

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