Condensed milk and nougat

These cupcakes were not made for any particular occasion, but seeing as though I keep getting requests to make white chocolate and strawberry cupcakes, I thought I better get cracking with some new flavour choices!

My idea was to combine condensed milk and nougat...bold choice I know, coz they are both so sweet. Either way, the experiment proceeded, and I added condensed milk to the cake part of the cupcake, and nougat to the icing. I then added marshmallow flowers to the top of each of the cupcakes - just to make them look pretty.

The results looked really good, but as for the taste - there were mixed feelings...some people loved it, and other people thought that it was a bit sweet and still preferred the plainer vanilla recipe.

My opinion - this is a great cupcake to have if you are only planning to have one. That said, I think those of you with sweet teeth out there will dig them.

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