My Favourite Family...Birthday Spoils

Meg and the goodness that she baked for my birthday
It was my birthday yesterday, and (not for the first time), I was spoiled rotten by my family and friends....I'm so lucky like that! :)  In particular, my sister Meg went all out this year!  She and her (newly aquired) husband James invited me over for birthday dinner, where she baked the most delicious chicken and mushroom pie and some scrumptious chocolate cupcakes in cute little crown holders...for my crown birthday....sweet hey! 

The pie was honestly one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted - you can see it in the pic above, complete with pastry roses on top and everything - I was madly jealous that it was not something that I myself had baked!

Card and cupcake gifts from Barker and Hales
As if the spoils from my sister were not enough, my friend Hales and her boyfriend Barker (who also happens to be my No 1 cousin), gave me a whole lot of cupcake inspired gifts....Hales even hand painted my logo onto a pj top to match the cupcake pj pants that they gave that is serious effort!  But, it must said, that even though I loved the gifts, my favourite part was the card....there is a pic of it on the okes are such beauts!

Thank you all for the you dudes lots

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