Red Velvet Candy Cane Cupcakes

Last Saturday night, I went to a Halloween party for one of my best friend's fate would have it, she was born on Halloween, so Halloween parties are kind of her thing....this year it was a Zombie Apolocoypse.  I went as a zombie nurse...obviously...what Halloween party would be compete without one!

In years gone by I might have been inclined to make Halloween themed cupcakes....giant spiders or the like, but this year I decided that the "treat" side of "trick or treat might be a little more appropriate for my friend....while she makes an amazing "prom zombie"....I think in real life is is a lot more prom queen and a lot less I made her these....

They are red velvet candy cane cupcakes (coz red velvet is her favourite kind of cupcake)...and then had them delivered to her office this morning so they would be fresh for her day at work....coz no birthday is ok without cupcakes at work...even when I don't live in Cape Town anymore!
Happy Birthday my precious friend! 
Thank you for a fantastic party on Saturday...loved it!  I hope that you are absolutely spoiled today and appreciated every second of this day for the amazing person that you are :)
Lots of love to you

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