Mardis Gras Cake

Novelty cakes are always such fun to make, but they usually take quite long to decorate, so they are a real labour of love! This Mardis Gras themed cake was no the end it turned out quite well though...the "kitsch" mix of purple, green and yellow (which are so typical of Mardis Gras) looked very festive when combined with the hand made gold mask.

There is a bit of an embarrassing story behind the mask though...after I made it, I was a little too hasty to lift it to my face to see how it would look...the super glue had not quite finished drying...and the mask took off part of my eyebrow when I removed it! Ha ha. What a cost! Lucky for me,eyebrows grow back quite quickly...or so my horrified beautician was quick to promise me! :)

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