Blueberry and Nut Cake

One of my favourite reasons for being in this business is so that I can help people who are far away connect with those people in SA that are close to them on their special days!  This particular cake was a good example of one of these stories...

A couple of weeks ago, a girl by the name of Nervanya got hold of me to order a cake for her mum's birthday.....Nevanya does not live in SA, but her Mum does.  We got into the planning of the cake...what it should look like, how it should taste etc....and then she got her sister Verusha involved and between the three of us we decided on a vanilla sponge with white chocolate icing topped with blueberries and nuts....decedent and delish! 

I delivered the cake today to a very surprised "squirrel" at the school that she works at - she was so touched by the lovely gesture that her daughters had made.....they sent through a beautiful message which I wrote out in a card.....the whole thing just made my day! Nothing quite like getting a surprise from your family on your birthday....especially when that surprise is a cake that you can enjoy with the whole office!
Happy Birthday Mala, I hope you were as delighted by the cake as your daughters were by sending it to you! :)

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