Chocoate Ganache Cake with love from the UAE

Who knew that MFC would ever get into online gifting!  I love this story, because it is another one of those stories about a foreigner remembering a local birthday.....I'm such a sucker for romance!  All you foreigners sending cakes from's my favourite part of this job!

Anyway, I digress....back to the real story....
A guy from the UAE mailed me last month (in fact it was almost 2 months ago now....plenty planning went into this cake) asking about cakes that he had seen on my website, he explained that he lived in the UAE and wanted to send a cake to his lady who lives in Durbs.  

I sent him a couple of pics and he was quite sure about what he wanted - cake, tick!  

....But that was not enough for this guy!  His lady was way more special than just a cake!  So, he asked me to arrange some flowers and a special birthday gift as well.  In the end we decided on a pamper parcel - a basket filled with all sorts of delightful things to make her feel pampered and she would know that her guy was thinking of sweet hey! :)

Now I know you are probably wondering what goes into a pamper parcel, so I have included some pics of the basket and the flowers.....but not the actual content of the parcel - some things still get to be personal and private for the couple involved....sorry guys!  I will give you a hint though - think of all things feminine and gorgeous....chocolates and Turkish delight, beautiful creams and soft get the general idea! :)

So, for those of you foreigners who are feeling far from home and would like to do something special for those you love.....Christmas is just around the corner.....and MFC has this online gifting thing whether your request is big or small, cake or no cake....send us an email - we would love to help you out!

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