Helicopter Cake

I often think that I am pretty lucky to have such great friends...and I do....but it turns out that I am not the only one!  I made this cake for a guy named Sean, he lives in La Lucia and he just qualified as a helicopter pilot, but this story isn't really about Sean, it's about Kelly - the girl who bought Sean the cake.

Kelly lives in Canada and she called me last week to order this cake for Sean....something for his birthday (which was today) and to celebrate his recent qualification....how awesome is that!  She had it all down, the idea, the type of cake, everything - all I had to do was bake it, so it's almost as though it was half made by herself! 

It's always such a pleasure to bake for those who are far away - I take such delight in being able to bring them a little bit closer to their people on their special day.  Sean, you are a lucky dude to have a friend like Kelly!  And Kelly - I hope you approve of the helipad!


  1. It really was an awesome surprise! and taste's as good as it looks!! Thanks so much Kel and Miss Cupcake for adding to my special day:) xx