Singing with Cake...baking a difference for the Durban Childrens Home

As you know, My Favourite Cupcake got together with Haylea Hounsom this past weekend to do an event at the Durban Children's Home called Singing with Cake.  I'm happy to report that it was a raging success! :)

The kids absolutely loved Hales....she sang like the star that she was awesome!  We had the event in the home's main hall, so it was like a little concert - by the end of the day the kids had cake all over their faces and were singing along to the likes of Beyonce which Haylea couldn't sing enough of!

Thanks must go to everyone that came out on the day to support the event, as well as those who gave donations for the cushions and the goodie bags - the kids loved them!  Each child had a cupcake and some hot chocolate during the show, and they all took a goodie bag away with them when they special!

This is an event that most definitely needs to be repeated! :)
The preparation of the goodie bags

We stuck to and orange and blue theme for the day
Hales singing to the kids


  1. Wow i am so impressed rag and hails - looks like it was such a success! Wish I could have been there! Much love, gin xxx