Chocolate Star Puffs

I've been paging through some foodie mags recently to find some new recipies....this one comes from the Pick n Pay mag....which I love...for those who don't know, it is called Fresh Living.  Every so often they include a little supplement called Fresh Ideas and these little puffs were inspired by the November 2010 edition.

It's something for all you chocaholics out there....chocolate and macadamia nut puffs with a little bit of cinnamon sugar sprinkle on top.  If you serve them warm, the chocolate just melts in your mouth....delicious! :) 

Quick and easy to make - especially if you cheat and but ready-made pastry* these tasty treats can be ready in less than 30 mins!  So for all you Mum's out there....there are real must if you have kinds parties coming up.

* To be honest, I am not advocating it - coz there is nothing quite like homemade puff - but I know peeps are busy, and sometimes ready-made is a necessary...pastry chef maybe, but human also! :)

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