I heart Le Creuset!

The bonus about having the best friends in the world (see below post), and being into all things foodie, is that when Christmas comes around, I am always spoiled with lots of AWESOME goodies!  This Christmas my friends played out of their boots and gave me these awesome little Le Creuset heart shaped ramekin dishes - complete with little lids!

Now anybody who loves fusing in the kitchen will know how awesome all the Le Creuset products are, so you can imagine how stoked I was to have a whole set of these little ramekins....so RAD...thank you girls!

Thank yous aside for a minute, the other night my sister and I had my parents over for dinner and it gave me the perfect excuse to use my new dishes...I used the recipe that came with my new favourite kitchen accessories and made Berry Creams.  What is really great though, is if you go onto the Le Creuset website, you can find a whole lots of really good recipes for all sorts of things....if you are keen to check it out...click here.

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