Love is in the cakes to follow soon!

There is something in the air at the moment, but it seems that every second person is getting sister and my best friend are both getting married in the next 6 months!  Hectic!  Never in my life have I spent so much time talking about dresses and seating plans, considering flowers and's awesome!  For those who find themselves in a similar position, you need to direct your attention to Green Wedding Shoes and The Pretty Blog...amazing stuff on there if you are looking for ideas.

The best thing about all this wedding talk, is that where there are engagements, there are weddings, and where there are weddings....there is wedding cake! :) I figured that if I am gonna start making more wedding cakes, I better get some practice that is what this cake was, just a practice round before I make the cakes for all of you engaged types who are itching to get MFC to hook you up with a gorgeous wedding cake on your special day! 

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